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3 Key Benefits of Using a Heat Pump vs Air Conditioner and Furnace

Every homeowner and business owner has to make serious decisions about the heating and cooling mechanisms of their home. As a company offering air conditioning in Cheshire, we take pride in helping individuals choose the right solutions for their home or business.

One area we often see confusion is regarding heat pump technology and traditional air conditioner and furnace solutions. We offer home air conditioning services in Cheshire, but equally understand that using a heat pump can be a better way to keep your family cool during the warm months and warm during the cool months.

There are several other advantages of using a heat pump. These include the following:


#1. It’s Eco-Friendly

A heat pump is eco-friendlier than an air conditioner. This is because the unit makes the most of the air available. It uses intelligent solutions and temperature fluctuations to gauge whether to pull hot air from the exterior or to pump humidity out of your home. The result is cooler or warmer indoor conditions when you want them without the negative impact on the environment.


#2. They Pump Air Both Ways

Heat pumps literally pump heat from inside your home to outside, and during the winter, they filter warm air and pump it inside. An air conditioner simply filters the air inside your home and balances humidity to keep it cool. A heat pump works all year long, and an air conditioner can only function during the warmer summer months, which is why you have to supplement with a furnace. We offer a wilmslow air conditioner heat pump to help you maximize your investment.


#3. Can result in a lower annual heating and cooling bill

Perhaps the most enticing reason to switch to a heat pump is the affect it has on your heating bill. An A/C typically only adds expenses to your bills, while a heat pump can pay for itself. No matter how efficient your furnace may be, it cannot beat the numbers offered by a heat pump. Heat pumps use their own energy to move heat from place to place. By doing so, they can push far more warmth into your home than a furnace ever could. Down to a temperature of 10 degrees Fahrenheit, air pumps can keep your house toasty.

If you want to get the most from your air conditioning and heating bill, consider investing in a heat pump.

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