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4 Green Technologies That Are Changing the Air Conditioning and Heating Industry

At Sol-Tech UK, we specialize in helping families and businesses achieve central air conditioning in Cheshire. What makes us stand apart is our use of advanced green energy technologies, however. Recent advancement in green technology has changed the central air conditioning industry as whole. Air conditioning and heating is now being driven by green...
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6 Winterization Tips for Central Air Conditioners

Winter is coming. Is your HVAC ready? As experts in air conditioning installation and all things related to central air conditioners, we like to help individuals prepare their homes for all seasons. With this in mind, here are 7 helpful tips you can keep in mind when winterizing both your home and private central air...
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Your HVAC’s Fan Setting Could Be Costing You Big Time

If your HVAC is running so will your fan be. Allowing your fan to continue running after you reach the desired temperature in your home could lead to costly air conditioning bills. As an air conditioning and heating company in SK9, we pride ourselves on helping our customers lower the heating and cooling bills. Customers turning...
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3 Key Benefits of Using a Heat Pump vs Air Conditioner and Furnace

Every homeowner and business owner has to make serious decisions about the heating and cooling mechanisms of their home. As a company offering air conditioning in Cheshire, we take pride in helping individuals choose the right solutions for their home or business. One area we often see confusion is regarding heat pump technology and traditional...
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