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5 Signs You Should Update Your Air Conditioning Unit

Over time, all appliances require maintenance and upgrades. Your air conditioning unit is no different. It has its own lifespan—an unpredictable one at that.

Anyone can tell they need a new unit if their air conditioning system stops working. Other signs are less obvious. As a business that offers services for both residential and commercial air conditioning in sk9, we’re keenly aware of these signs, and we think you should be too. Take a look at the top 5 signs it is time to upgrade your unit.


Sign #1. Frequent Breakdowns

If you’ve spent more on repairs in the last year than you have on energy costs, it could be time to upgrade your system. As your system ages, broken parts become more frequent. As your bills add up it becomes apparent you need a complete overhaul.


Sign #2. Your Air Never Stops Running

We have helped countless clients with their air conditioning in Cheshire. That experience helps us tune into our customer’s problems to identify when a unit might be in need of upgrades. One clear sign is a system that can’t quite keep up with the indoor temperature. Units that struggle to keep your home cool could be in need of replacement.


Sign #3. Odd Noises

No, there isn’t a ghost in your basement—or at least we hope there isn’t—it’s probably your air conditioning system. If your unit has become animated, your indoor coil could be clogged or another issue could have sprung up. Our air conditioning sk9 services can help quiet your system and get things back in order.


Sign #4. More Dirt & Dust

Your air conditioning system is designed to filter out impurities in the air. If you’ve noticed an increase in dirt and dust throughout your home, it could be a sign your air conditioning system needs an upgrade.


Sign #5. Your Thermostat is Older than Dial-Up

If your thermostat has a crank, it’s probably time to, well, get with the times. Technological advances allow you to control your temperature via your phone and keep energy costs lower. If you’d like these amenities, it’s time for an upgrade.

If you’re looking for a professional to handle your heating and air conditioning in Cheshire, contact our team. We’re eager to help you upgrade your unit and make repairs where necessary. Give us a ring today!

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