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6 Winterization Tips for Central Air Conditioners

Winter is coming. Is your HVAC ready?

As experts in air conditioning installation and all things related to central air conditioners, we like to help individuals prepare their homes for all seasons. With this in mind, here are 7 helpful tips you can keep in mind when winterizing both your home and private central air conditioning system.


#1. Cut the power off

Before you make any moves with your HVAC system, find the air conditioning circuit near your outdoor unit. You’ll find a lid that covers your electrical circuit. Open that lid, and switch your unit off. This will prevent it from automatically turning on during warm winter days. This could prove hazardous, as water that condenses in the unit could freeze later on.


#2. Clean your unit (both inside and outside).

Now that the unit is turned off, start cleaning and removing leaves, debris and dirt near the fan. You’ll also want to rake the grounds surrounding your unit—as they can be sucked into the fan. Clean the unit periodically throughout the winter.


#3. Prevent faucets from freezing.

Locate the indoor shutoff valves that run water to your unit. Once you do, turn them off. Drain excess water from the faucets by opening the drain cap and proceed to empty what’s inside. This can prevent frozen pipes.


#4. Replace your air filter

Your home’s air filter should be changed before winter, or every 3-4 months—whichever comes sooner. Areas that see more wind may require more frequent changes. Changing filters prevents the HVAC from working harder.


#5. Cover your unit

Once you’ve cleaned your unit and completely removed any dirt and debris, the next step is to keep it out. Covering your unit with a waterproof cover—particularly one designed for A/C units, will keep your unit safe and sound for the winter to come.


#6. Have an HVAC pro drain condensation

A drain at the bottom of your unit can build up with moisture and cause problems during the winter. Having a professional company empty that moisture can prevent corrosion, mildew, and mold from forming.

Whether you need an air conditioning installation for several central air conditioners, or require winter maintenance for your central air conditioning system, we’re here to help. Prepare for winter the right way with our help and these simple tips.

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