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Your HVAC’s Fan Setting Could Be Costing You Big Time

If your HVAC is running so will your fan be. Allowing your fan to continue running after you reach the desired temperature in your home could lead to costly air conditioning bills.

As an air conditioning and heating company in SK9, we pride ourselves on helping our customers lower the heating and cooling bills. Customers turning to us for commercial air conditioning in sk9 are in even more need of affordable services. Let’s take a look at how your HVAC’s fan setting could skyrocket your air conditioning SK9 bill.


Why Your Setting Matters

The average HVAC system has two fan settings: “on” and “auto”. If you leave your thermostat on “auto,” your fan will run when your air conditioner is pumping cool air into your home. If you leave it “on”, forced air will continue to disperse from your vents until you turn it off. This means it literally runs constantly.

The “auto” setting on your HVAC helps conserve energy and, if that isn’t important to you, can also reduce the wear and tear on your system as a whole. As an air conditioning and heating company in SK9, we always recommend leaving your HVAC thermostat on “auto” to prevent unnecessary damage to your unit.

Of course, there is a downside to using the “auto” setting—stagnant air. Most people keep the fan on to ensure a steady flow of fresh air in their home. Air quality is important, particularly for those with allergies. Keeping a fan moving air around the home at all times can in fact prevent dust and allergies from building up.


Finding Balance

When it comes down to it, your decision on whether or not to leave your fan running comes down to what you prefer. 24/7 fan blowing will wear down your utility bill and your HVAC parts. Conversely, keeping your HVAC on “auto” doesn’t exactly present the freshest of homes. Humidity too can prevent a slight problem in warmer months.

If you want to keep your utility bill affordable, check your HVAC settings and make sure your fan is turned to “auto”. And if you need professional service and air conditioning in sk9, consider contacting our air conditioning and heating company in sk9. We’ll be happy to help.

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