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6 Winterization Tips for Central Air Conditioners

Winter is coming. Is your HVAC ready? As experts in air conditioning installation and all things related to central air conditioners, we like to help individuals prepare their homes for all seasons. With this in mind, here are 7 helpful tips you can keep in mind when winterizing both your home and private central air...
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Your HVAC’s Fan Setting Could Be Costing You Big Time

If your HVAC is running so will your fan be. Allowing your fan to continue running after you reach the desired temperature in your home could lead to costly air conditioning bills. As an air conditioning and heating company in SK9, we pride ourselves on helping our customers lower the heating and cooling bills. Customers turning...
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5 Signs You Should Update Your Air Conditioning Unit

Over time, all appliances require maintenance and upgrades. Your air conditioning unit is no different. It has its own lifespan—an unpredictable one at that. Anyone can tell they need a new unit if their air conditioning system stops working. Other signs are less obvious. As a business that offers services for both residential and commercial...
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What Are Air Source Heat Pumps?

The UK government has set an advantageous goal of reducing the country’s carbon footprints by 3% each year. That goal requires individual households to dramatically cut their own emissions. While turning off the lights and using more efficient lighting can reduce emissions, it only accounts for some 6% of energy used in our homes. In...
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