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Professional Home & Commercial Heating and Cooling Advice

When it comes to residential and commercial heating and cooling, it pays to be aware of the best maintenance practices. As a home air conditioning service in Cheshire, we specialise in helping homeowners and commercial business owners keep their heating and air conditioning system in tip top shape. Here are a few expert pieces of advice you can use to maintain your unit.


Be Proactive About Replacing Parts

Broken hoses, filters and electric wires can cause serious issues if left unrepaired. It’s good practice to investigate your unit twice a year to ensure there are no worn down parts or components in need of replacement. The more proactive you are, the less likely you are to have a high repair bill later on.


Not all Equipment is Created Equal

Commercial heating and cooling is slightly different from residential, primarily because of the technology it requires. However, it’s important to purchase equipment that is durable and of high quality. If you need guidance on which products to use for your air conditioning in Cheshire, contact our team.


Replace your Heat Pump or Air Conditioner After 10 Years

If it’s been 10 years since your heat pump or air conditioner has been installed, it’s time to get a new unit. Take stock of the date of installation and invest in a new unit when it’s appropriate.


Prevent Problems with Maintenance

Similar to how important it is to get an oil change on your vehicle, buy new tires, etc., it’s equally as important to conduct preventative maintenance on your air conditioning system. Maintenance includes checking to see if your AC unit is on level ground, clear AC condensate using a mixture of bleach and water, inspect refrigerant lines that lead to your house on a monthly basis, removing debris from around your unit. Do these things regularly to avoid potential complications with your system.


Replace Air Filters Every 90 Days

Air filters are critical to keeping your unit in good working condition. They filter out pollutants and dust in the air to ensure the air quality in your home is the best it can possibly be. Changing them out every 90 days is a good way to keep your system in good working condition.


If you need more help with your home air conditioning in Cheshire, give our team a call. We’re happy to help.

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