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Heat Pumps

Installations of modern Air source Heat Pumps represent a major step forward in energy efficient climate control, because they use free heat from the environment, rather than generating it from traditional fuel sources such as gas oil or LPG. They do this by extracting latent heat from the air.

Heat pumps are designed to reduce CO2 emissions and have many environmental advantages thanks to their excellent efficiency, such as:
Being recognized as a renewable heat technology
Using less energy than traditional heating methods
Eligible for the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS)
Eligible for the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (domestic RHI)
Eligible for Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA)

Because they consume much less electricity than the heat they generate, heat pumps have significantly lower running costs than traditional energy sources.

Air source heat pumps can extract latent heat from the outside air (even when the temperature outside is down to -20°C) and pump it inside to heat indoor spaces, making use of outside air as an infinitely renewable energy resource.

There are several type of Heat Pump systems and installation that will adapt to any customers need and they are silent, efficient and easy to install and maintain: a proven technology with hundreds of thousands of units working through Europe and UK.

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